Pressively is helping small business owners turn their static stale websites into effective, dynamic marketing tools.

My name is Steve Blundon - father, entrepreneur and small business owner.

My team and I have been developing websites, implementing marketing systems and running businesses since the year 2000. We know what it’s like to be in the retail trenches, and on the service business front lines.

We’ve worked with demanding national brands that expect the highest level of professionalism, and continue to develop an ever-growing list of small local businesses who deserve no less.

That being said, we are not a one-size-fits all marketing company. In order to make sure we both succeed, we are very selective about the business segments we work with. By leveraging specific talents, expectations are much clearer making the service that much more effective.

If you think you’re business would benefit from a systematized program that gathers new clients on autopilot, please feel free to get in touch: